The Grammy’s Best

So a fashion blog wouldn’t be a blog about fashion if we didn’t talk about clothes right?! Of course not. There are loads of swanky events that are swarming with celebs who are showcasing some of their best (and sometimes their worst) fashion choices! One of the biggest events of this year so far has been The Grammy’s, where celebs from all over came together to celebrate musical talent. Here are some of my favourite looks…

Chrissy Teigen and Demi Lovato are KILLING the long and laser cut style! Both dresses look made to fit, are so flattering and just draw your eyes to their curves. Not to mention that both women have paired their looks with flawless, simple make-up and killer hairstyles!

I’m not quite sure how, but both J-Lo and Kristin may have just found a way to make the boob-leg problem work! I love, love, love the pink hue on Jennifer and the choker neckline and the extra long hem adds just enough drama! Kristen really makes this dress look so sophisticated  with the perfect messy ponytail and natural make-up, and the tulle over the thigh high split adds that extra detail that makes this dress such a winner!


Potentially my absolute fave (along with Kristin’s dress), Adele is no stranger to a long and sophisticated gown, but this one is so perfect, it matches her skin tone, the colour is amazing and the detail all the way through is to die for! I can’t explain how much I love this dress, she looks well and truly amazing. Not to mention how perfectly her hair falls, Adele is one classy woman!

And it wasn’t just the women pulling out all the stops! Opting for the classic tux, Michael Keaton and Sean Douglas show true class, whereas Nick Jonas proves that you don’t have to do the completely polished look with this amazing embellished jacket!


Once again taking a new angle on a classic suit, Desiigner proves he is fashion forward with this dark velvet suit and contrasting shiny boots! He might be a bit cold, but this suit is a winner!


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