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Spring has officially sprung! Kind of… Spring is one of those seasons that can be difficult to dress for, on the one hand theres that fab shiny puffa jacket you just got for a bargain in the Zara sale, and on the other you’ve gone into a bit of a floral frenzy and are desperate to wear those gorge floral tea dresses.

Retailers seem to be getting a little better at preparing us for the unpredictable British weather, instead of filling stores with countless skimpy bikinis sandals and short shorts, the transition from freezing to slightly warm has become a lot easier as we are more able to stock up on thin jumpers, t-shirts and cute dresses.

A personal favourite of mine for the transitional period is the humble t-shirt. Normally thought of as boring and basic, graphic tee’s are coming in by the bucket load and this year, retailers have injected an insane amount of spring colour!


I absolutely love this t-shirt from H&M, it is so easy to throw on with a pair of jeans to go to uni, as it looks effortlessly cool and is oh so comfortable! You could also make it more summery by pairing it with a cute blue or white denim skirt! I also love this lemon motif, as it adds a bit of summer to what would otherwise be a boring and basic piece- I also think that fruity/floral patterns will be making a come back this spring! H&M also do this tee in 5 other variations, so if Beyonce’s lemonade vibes aren’t quite for you, but you still want something a bit more interesting, there’s a little bit of something for every style (look for the jazzy pineapple- this is another one of my fruity favourites!)


jeans (similar)

For those of us that aren’t that fond of bright colours (black is a colour, honest!) missguided have an absolutely HUUGE collection of rock tees. If you have a favourite old school, vintage band, then there are plenty of band t-shirts with various well known logos and motifs, but if you’re not quite a hard core Guns’n Roses fan, they have lots and lots of rocker tees that don’t have the association (so don’t worry, you don’t have to listen to a whole Nirvana album and dye your hair black or bleach blonde!) This is another favourite for me, as again it is so simple to just throw on with jeans, and is brilliant for more interesting layering. With a super long knitted cardi and some biker boots, you can carry on the rocker look, or make it a bit more girly by layering a black cami dress, or even turn it into a comfortable night out outfit, with a leather skirt and thigh highs- this tee is so versatile and so flattering!



trousers (similar)

Zara is my favourite place for those essential basics with a twist. Take this plain old white t-shirt. I (like many others) can be a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to bright colours and bold patterns, so I like to start simple and build myself up. Although I’m sure you may agree that a white t-shirt is something that every single person on the planet should own, it also doesn’t have to be boring. And this t-shirt does just that, and so simply! That simple little twist knot makes an interesting outfit without people walking past and gawking in shock! The other brilliant thing about Zara is that most of their basics come in different colours, so if you really like it, get it in every colour! I was so close to buying this top in bright yellow, but thought I would start simple and see how I got on with the white version first, and now I’m definitely going back to get the yellow (and maybe the black too!)


dress (similar)

Just to show how versatile this tee is, it can always be layered with those long summer dresses that can usually only be worn on holiday, for a fresh, but oh so spring vibe!


dress (similar)

dress (longer alternative)

Spring isn’t always the warmest of seasons and those cooler and sometimes rainy days in Britain are inevitable. But that doesn’t mean we have to suffer in our North Face’s in silence! Primark, again, offer some great alternatives at amazing prices. This thin jumper is amazing, at only £10 (!!!) it’s incredibly soft and really easy to wear! Chuck on with some jeans and Chelsea boots for a smart/cas weekend look, or you could even wear it for drinks or to the office by pairing it with a little cami dress or a tailored black jumpsuit for a really cool and smart look!


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