Cannes 2017

It's that time of year again. Students from all round the world are panicking, essays are due, exams are being done and the whole student population is perfectly willing to murder anyone who utters the word 'referencing' one more time...  But it's also that time of year for those lucky people who are able to... Continue Reading →


Little Details

Spring has officially sprung! Kind of... Spring is one of those seasons that can be difficult to dress for, on the one hand theres that fab shiny puffa jacket you just got for a bargain in the Zara sale, and on the other you've gone into a bit of a floral frenzy and are desperate... Continue Reading →

WB Harry Potter Studio Tour

So it's official! I have been to Hogwarts! As I'm sure a lot of people (or most of the population) can understand, Harry Potter is a big deal. Especially in my household, growing up with both the books and the films, waiting for each instalment was the only thing that kept my young and over-imaginative... Continue Reading →

The Grammy’s Best

So a fashion blog wouldn't be a blog about fashion if we didn't talk about clothes right?! Of course not. There are loads of swanky events that are swarming with celebs who are showcasing some of their best (and sometimes their worst) fashion choices! One of the biggest events of this year so far has been The... Continue Reading →

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